Who We Are: 

Triangulation is an annual short fiction anthology produced by Parsec Ink, Parsec‘s publishing wing.  We publish science fiction, fantasy, horror, and any other speculative fiction that catches the editor’s fancy. Every year since 2003 (save for a brief hiatus in 2006 when we changed over to an international format) we have a new theme. We pay for the work we select and issues are available online at places like We are a small press but we work hard to produce a quality product.

Triangulation shares an informal relationship with Parsec’s annual short story contest. Note, though, that the Parsec contest and the Triangulation Anthology are two completely different publications and have different requirements and submission guidelines, including eligibility and word length.

2017 Staff

Editors: Frank Oreto & Douglas Gwylim
Production Editor: Barbara Carlson
Assistant Editors:


Our History

The Triangulation Anthology was created by Diane Turnshek to be a local publication for Pittsburgh area genre writers to submit stories to and be published. The anthology was edited by Barb Carlson from 2004-05. Pete Butler (editor: 2007-2009) transformed the anthology into an international semi-pro paying market and established a high bar for quality. Bill Moran continued the tradition in 2010 with Triangulation: End of the Rainbow. In 2011, the anthology was edited by Steve Ramey and Jamie Lackey. Steve Ramey continued to be editor for the 2012-2014 issues. Jamie Lackey took over for 2015-2016. For 2017, co-editors and Pittsburgh authors Douglas Gwilym and Frank Oreto are continuing the tradition.

Ann Cecil

Ann Cecil



A special thanks goes out to Ann Cecil (1940-2011), whose dedication to this anthology was unparalleled and constant. Not only did she handle the financial aspects of the anthology, she also coordinated the Parsec Short Story Contest and gave personal feedback on each story submission.  We miss her.




We would like to thank all the assistant editors who have put in hundreds of hours of volunteer time over the years:

Joseph Benedetto, Jamie Lackey,Bill Moran, Deanna Hardin, Steve Ramey, Susan Linville, Nich Tchan, Paul Stefko, Stephanie Loree, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks, and Amr Abouelleil.