Triangulation: Dark Glass

Triangulation: Dark Glass (2009)

Triangulation: Dark Glass (2009)

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Published: 2009
Editor: Pete Butler
Assistant Editors: Joseph Benedetto, Jamie Lackey, Bill Moran, Deanna Hardin
Cover Art: Vincent Chong


The Milton Feinhoff Problem Mark Onspaugh
Saint Darwin’s Spirituals D.K. Thompson
Imaginal Friend Kenneth B. Chiacchia
Monstrous Embrace Rachel Swirsky
Dancing Lessons Aaron Polson
Perchance to Dream D.J. Cockburn
Windows to the Soul Gerri Leen
More Things in Heaven and Earth Jason K Chapman
On the Path Kelly A Harmon
Broken Things Kathryn Board
Audition for Evil Amy Treadwell
One Touch to Remember David Seigler
Souls on Display Kurt Kirchmeier
A More Beautiful Monster Loretta Sylverstr
Seeing Is Craig Wolf

“Triangulation: Dark Glass is a small press anthology of speculative fiction, the sixth in a series produced by the Pittsburgh-based science fiction organization PARSEC. The thematic pole to which each story is tethered is the vague idea of “dark glass,” here taken both as literally and figuratively as possible. The collection is diverse in style and skill, from witty to morose and amateur to professional.” Tangent On-line

“‘Triangulation’ can mean a lot of things, mostly in threes. This edition is the third and last of editor Pete Butler’s tenure before giving way for some new blood. The sub-title ‘Dark Glass’ is the element requirement for the selected sixteen short stories this time. For a small book, ‘Triangulation’ packs a lot in, all using the theme of dark glass in some way.” Geoff Willmetts

“It’s a nice, inexpensive collection with some real gems; once again Pete Butler has done a great job of gathering together some interesting new authors. One thing I did notice was the divide between the male and female authors, with the former tending towards science fiction and the latter fantasy.” SciFi Online

“Short story anthologies usually work for me, in that, like a decent sushi buffet with a cross section of underwater delicacies, they provide a sampling of authorial styles and genre approaches. This appetite for such an eclectic literary feast was thankfully satiated as I read Triangulation: Dark Glass, the 2009 Edition of PARSEC Ink’s Annual Confluence of Speculative Fiction.” Tim Powers

“This is a nicely balanced, thoughtful collection of short stories presenting an intriguingly varied translation of the ‘dark glass’ theme. The diversity of these interpretations adds a layer of interest above and beyond the sixteen actual plots and I found myself occasionally contemplating the nature of individuality and personal discrimination. Triangulation’s contributor guidelines for entry called for ‘entertaining and literate stories’, and these winning picks have, on the whole, met the brief brilliantly.” The Future Fire

“I’m always anxious about reading short story collections as they often leave me unsatisfied and unhappy like a carbohydrate-heavy buffet breakfast. This was not the case with Triangulation: Dark Glass, edited by Peter Butler. He has managed to put together a anthology in which every single story was innovative, well-crafted and unique while still touching on the theme.” SF Site

“This is the first time I’ve ever read, let alone reviewed, an anthology published by a small press. I have to say the experience was interesting. I thought that the stories had much more of an edge to them regarding originality of story concepts, the authors playing with ideas that weren’t as standard or as accepted in the mainstream, such as different types of POV characters, or worlds that were leaning farther away from our own than usual. For this reason alone, I think I’ll continue reading small press anthologies when I get the chance. For fantasy and science fiction, it’s often the idea that makes the world cool, so pushing the envelope is definitely a good thing.” Joshua Palmatier

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